Gary Westfal

Writer, Speaker, Coach

Destin, Florida


Gary Westfal… 

received critical acclaim when his first novel, Dream Operative achieved an Amazon #1 ranking in the thriller genre in its first few months of publication—a phenomenal feat for a first-time novelist.

His writing has been consistently compared to seasoned thriller writers like Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and Joseph Finder. Gary is a freelance syndicated writer, speaker, and life coach who inspires through several platforms. He is the CEO of G-Life Enterprises Corporation, a fast-growing conglomerate comprised of entrepreneurial ventures bringing enrichment, entertainment, and opportunity to people across the world.

Gary is passionate about personal achievement and is now leading a movement in which he reveals how we can all live an empowered life through awareness and personal transformation. He recently published his first non-fiction book. Fear Is a Thief is a book that exposes fear and gives the reader a fresh new perspective to managing fear using five fundamental truths. These truths offer keen insight on ways to approach and manage virtually any situation with newfound confidence. Whatever your fear, this book is your opportunity to courageously move past it to a life you define…and a life you deserve.

He is the creator and chief contributor to Introspection (, a periodic blog that provides thought-provoking topics designed to enrich the lives of people by challenging them to think deeper, look within themselves for answers, and be mindful of the present moment. The blog offers a fresh perspective on personal empowerment and a wide range of human interest and self-awareness topics.

As a speaker, Gary’s personality and charisma are contagious attributes, whether in casual one-on-one conversation or when speaking to a large audience. His lecture and presentation skills are best described as confident, engaging, and articulate.

For speaking engagements, personal coaching, or business opportunities, contact Gary via e-mail at:

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