Do You Dream?

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Dreams…the very word conjures images far beyond our imaginations!  Yet, it is our imaginations that feed the dream process.  Dreams in their most basic sense come from a place within ourselves that, more often than not, we fail to connect … Continued

About Time

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The words and images move about in my mind as rapid and random flashes of inspiration begging to be discovered and assembled in manner suitable to be consumed by those will lift them from the pages.  My task is to … Continued

The Freedom of Choice

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I read an e-mail today from one of my favorite leadership & motivational authors, Chris Widener.  In a recent article he wrote about personal “choices” and how choices and decisions determine our position in life.   It hit home for me because it’s a lesson … Continued

Absolutely Present

I sat at the ocean’s edge today and closed my eyes in an effort to mentally escape to a place where I could erase the fog of conflicting emotions, thoughts, and daily strife.  My remaining senses inensified as I sat there, eyes closed, listening to … Continued

Introspection… My ears were ringing from the high volume of the band playing on stage.  I was seated at the head table of a very popular and public fund raiser.  My youngest daughter was the focus of the evening.  People … Continued