Five Things That Will Happen Once You Decide to Start Living Your Dreams

You’ve settled for far too long and have finally decided to break the cycle of mediocrity. You’ve disconnected with the people and habits that have kept you from realizing your potential. What took years to develop and conceal—even from yourself—took … Continued

The YouEconomy

If you haven’t noticed recently, we are entering a brand new economic era. Why should you care? Because it is affecting the way you’ve been accustom to functioning in a traditional economy. Disruption is at the doorstep. And while change … Continued

A Spirit of Gratitude

Life is a gift. Are you grateful for it? A spirit of gratitude opens our eyes to a world of wonder we so often take for granted. It’s not difficult to experience a spirit of gratitude if we’ll just take … Continued

Seven Ways to Double Your Productivity, Your Income, and Your Happiness

Happy New Year! What a great time to focus in on a topic that can literally drive the tempo of your entire year. Ah, productivity! So, how would you like to get twice as much accomplished, double your income, and … Continued

Four Simple Steps to Find Your Way to More Success Than You Could Ever Imagine

Why is it that some people achieve almost everything they set out to achieve while others simply dream of a better life and go nowhere? The short answer—they live by a different set of principles and values that most others have yet … Continued

Overcome Limiting Beliefs

“I think, therefore I am.” ~ Rene’ DescartesThe above quote, from the French philosopher, mathematician and writer has stood the test of time and speaks to the power that our thoughts have in shaping our lives. It’s true our thoughts … Continued

Day Dreamers

           As a youngster I used to sit in some of my classes and doodle when I was actually supposed to be listening. Let’s face it; some subjects (and a great many teachers) are just not interesting enough to hold … Continued