…having the ability to control and manipulate elements of your dreams at will.


Get ready for something different! Dream Operative, an Amazon #1 Best-Seller, is a multidimensional, ground-breaking storyline that brings excitement and allure to the pages of Gary Westfal’s debut novel.

Dream Operative contains a bevy of colorful characters and fascinating scenarios centered around one central hero─Joey “G” Weston─who discovers an ability to manipulate the familiar, yet elusive, alter-conscious domain of his dreams. But that ability proves to be a double-edged sword, as various governmental agencies pursue him in an attempt to exploit him…or eliminate him altogether.

G quickly discovers the power, tenacity, and unfettered reach of the U.S. Government as he is sequestered by one agency, only to be rescued by yet another, in a quest to validate, test, and exploit his abilities – all in the interest of national security and covert advantage.

G increasingly becomes aware of one man in his dreams who possesses a unique awareness similar to his own. He ultimately discovers the man to be none other than Khalid-Abdul Hakim, the world’s most wanted terrorist and master of deception. Hakim is furious to learn that he has been discovered, and is compelled to eliminate the one man who can track his movements…the one man with the potential and ambition to destroy him and everything he represents.

Imagine having an ability to knowingly control the elements of your dreams. Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Gary Westfal adeptly provides a scintillating plausibility and realism to the concept in this clandestine thriller!

Escape on an exciting, adrenaline-fueled journey into the deep, dark world of clandestine operations, where a struggle for real-life survival is waged inside the alter-conscious dimension of human cognition…


“A fun, fast read with a great deal of suspense, action, and a thrilling climax.”

~ Writer’s Digest ~


Book cover for Dream Operative