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Goal Mind

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Why does it elude you? Why does it seem as if everyone else reaches their goals and objectives, but you keep falling short?

Finding the answers to these questions is a lot easier than you may think. GOAL MIND simplifies things by cutting through the jargon and going straight to the core where personal transformation and achievement begins. Get your copy today and learn how to achieve every goal you set.


Gary Westfal received critical acclaim when his first novel, Dream Operative, achieved an Amazon #1 ranking in the thriller genre in its first few months of publication— a phenomenal feat for a first-time novelist.

His writing has been consistently compared to seasoned thriller writers like Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and Joseph Finder. Gary is a syndicated writer, speaker, and life coach who inspires through several platforms. He is the CEO of G-Life Enterprises Corporation, a fast-growing conglomerate comprised of entrepreneurial ventures bringing enrichment, entertainment, and opportunity to people across the world.

Gary is passionate about personal achievement and is now leading a movement in which he reveals how we can all live an empowered life through awareness and personal transformation.

As a speaker, Gary’s personality and charisma are contagious attributes, whether in casual one-on-one conversation or when speaking to a large audience. His lecture and presentation skills are best described as confident, engaging, and articulate. For speaking engagements or personal coaching, contact Gary.


Bring Gary To Your Next Event.

As a speaker, Gary’s personality and charisma are contagious attributes, whether in casual one-on-one conversation or when speaking to a large audience. Gary’s delivery, insight, and inspirational energy will keep you and your audience engaged, confident, and ready for extraordinary breakthroughs and personal transformations.

Book Gary for speaking engagements, personal coaching, or business training today!

N.M. Davis
Author, Speaker, and Mentor

“Gary’s mentorship and guidance served as a lighthouse during a stormy period in my life, leading me back to solid ground, reminding me that mindfulness and peacefulness combined, provide a true peace of mind that leads to healing and growth. Thanks, G. I’m forever grateful”

Julie Snow

Certified Hot Yoga Instructor, Vegas Hot

“Gary has been a big part of my journey of self-cultivation. Every morning when I wake up, there is a text message from Gary that always hits home and either inspires me, makes me wonder, ponder, contemplate, or smile, but always makes me grateful for this connection we share.”

Gary Jackson

Motivational Speaker and Forex Investor

“Gary is the true definition of a humble, loving, caring, giving, and powerful servant leader. He is a man who challenges you to be everything YOU can be by exemplifying what that looks like in terms of being your best and giving your best daily.”


G-Life Magazine is a periodic e-zine that Gary’s creates and writes thought-provoking topics designed to enrich the lives of people by challenging them to think deeper, look within themselves for answers, and be mindful of the present moment. The blog offers a fresh perspective on personal empowerment and a wide range of human interest and self-awareness topics.

The You Economy

The You Economy

If you haven’t noticed recently, we are entering a brand new economic era. Why...

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FEAR Is a Thief

is Gary’s first personal empowerment non-fiction work.

This powerfully-written book gets to the core of the issue and provides insight, inspiration, and profound impact on helping you see beyond the horizon of fear and into the promises life has in store for you.

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Goal Mind

Goal Mind

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