Five Fundamental Truths to Help You Overcome Your Biggest Fears

 Each time we step outside our zone of familiarity, we feel an underlying nervousness that reminds us there is a price to pay for our courage. The fear of what lies just beyond the fringe of the unknown can be enough to prevent us from realizing the victory of overcoming personal strife, emotional turmoil, and misperceptions of reality.

Fear is a phenomenon that affects every human being. No one is exempt. The only variable lies in whether or not we allow fear to rule our lives and how we handle fearful circumstances. Yes, fear can be handled, managed, and manipulated despite its ominous and threatening efforts to convince us of the contrary.

Fear is a Thief exposes fear and gives the reader a fresh new approach to managing fear using five fundamental truths. These truths reveal fear’s deceptive characteristics while offering keen insight on ways to approach and manage virtually any situation with newfound confidence.  

Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Gary Westfal is leading a movement to build an awareness in which we can live a life beyond the bounds of fear. Whatever your fear, this book is your opportunity to courageously move past it to a life you define. You can live a life beyond fear. 

Also available in Audiobook.

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This was a great read that I’ll revisit when I feel the grips of fear trying to hold me back.

The personal stories presented in this book really drew me in and made me realize that fear is universal, but can indeed be overcome.



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