The Power of Equilibrium

The power of 3 can be seen throughout life if we pause long enough to recognize its significance. There is an even greater power in yielding to those things that capture our attention long enough to give us pause while we consider the quiet leading of wisdom, insight, and knowledge.

333 is a book about balance, awareness, and introspect. It is a book that provides a distinct advantage of three unique perspectives of the three primary overarching aspects of life—Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is a book that can bring about the changes you seek to transform your life from what is to the limitless possibilities that are yours to define and freely imagine. 333 is a book written by 3 authors in 3 sections with 3 chapters each.

This book delivers insightful information through practical and inspirational narratives that are designed to bring clarity, power, and change to the forefront of your life through the individual and collective lenses of the authors—each and authority in their field of focus and wise in the application of the principles of achievement and personal enrichment. Theirs is a message that will enable you to see things from a position of power that serves to remind us that we all have the ability to be, do, and experience everything life has to offer.

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Gary has an incredible way of drawing a reader into this book. Combined with the two feature authors (Kirk Hendricks and Colleen Riddle), all three authors of this book have an incredible way of showing us all how to live better through physical, psychological, and spiritual balance.

Powerful messages and practical information on how to live your best life now.

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Gary signing books at a book launch. People lined up to get their book.
Gary signing a poster for his book: 333



Insight, Inspiration, and Impact...leading to

Your Best Life!

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