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If you haven’t noticed recently, we are entering a brand new economic era. Why should you care? Because it is affecting the way you’ve been accustomed to functioning in a traditional economy. Disruption is at the doorstep. And while change is not necessarily inherently good or bad, it is inevitable.

Our role in any economic system is multi-dimensional. As consumers, we have adapted to change over the years through the migration of carrying cash, credit cards, and writing checks to the comprehensive and virtual access of a dynamic economy through our smartphone, personal computer, or tablet. Even that model is changing right before our very eyes. If you’re slow to adapt, you’re falling behind.

Things “seem” different because they are different. There is a global movement underfoot taking place that is reshaping the process of commerce and business, from the manner in which we acquire goods and services to the way we pay for them. This movement is driving a totally new economic mindset of innovators who have taken the concept of disruptive change to the next level. These people are reshaping the traditional paradigm of the very manner in which goods and services are traditionally provided and are learning new skills that drive a wedge into the “old” way of doing business.

Introducing, the YouEconomy

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“You are the creator of your own destiny.”~ G. Westfal

The YouEconomy is driven by a resourceful network of people who have taken the future of work into their own hands by sharing resources, ideas, and technology to drive change through innovation. This movement is creating a new wave of entrepreneurs who are redesigning the economic system around the consumer for the benefit of…everyone. These innovators have abandoned traditional brick-and-mortar offices and cubicle farms for professions and conditions that better align with their passions. As a result, the friendships they are creating, the people they are meeting, the places they are seeing, and the quality of life they are leading have enriched their lives far beyond even what they thought was possible. They are living life by their standards, doing what they love, earning what they want, and perhaps for the first time in a generation, discovering the very essence of satisfaction.

Emerging technology has taken financial power from the few and has delivered it to you, me, and everyone else formerly left out of the privilege loop. For the first time since the days when most Americans were farmers, the vast majority of us can now be self-reliant for income. This is a beautiful thing, especially as more and more of the new economic models allow us to grasp the power of passive income.

The Innovators

Although Millennials are currently the largest demographic of the YouEconomy, others outside this group of innovators have taken notice and have begun to experience the benefits this opportunity provides. In fact, over 30 percent of the self-employed population in America is aged 55 or older. The diversity among age and race is also broad and indiscriminate, thereby making the demographics far broader and more eclectic than the traditional economy.

The You Economy is dynamic. That is to say, it is not easily defined. Often referred to as the sharing economy, on-demand economy, gig economy, and freelance economy, it has provided a wide range of opportunities to those seeking to experience more in terms of what they have to offer to society. The broad spectrum of opportunities ranges from peer-to-peer modernized network marketing models to independent contractors, micro-entrepreneurs, and moonlighters. Every one of these categories is wide open to anyone wishing to become part of this new economic model without regard to traditional educational considerations.

“The major determinant is attitude. When someone believes they can do it, almost in some supernatural way it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.” ~ Paul Zane Pilzer, Economist

The Opportunity

Despite the movement, a great majority of people still insist on clinging to the traditional definition and mindset of “work and career”. And, by most accounts, those people are among the most dissatisfied. The YouEconomy provides an opportunity to escape that reality and to experience a life chock full of possibilities, the likes of which are limited only by your own initiative, imagination, attitude, and tenacity.

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes — then learn how to do it later.” ~ Richard Branson

If you should find yourself contemplating the possibilities of what lies beyond your current line of work — something that will bring you into alignment with a passion or purpose — pay close attention to the opportunities that present themselves. These opportunities may be just what you’re looking for in terms of joining…the YouEconomy.

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